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Michigan Biomass is a business coalition that advocates for the state’s domestic biomass power industry. Its members operate power plants in the Lower Peninsula, mostly in the northern half close to the natural resources and forest products industries that produce their fuel.

Their job is recovering energy from locally generated, sustainably sourced organic material like residues from forest management, timber harvest and habitat maintenance and development. It is an integral part of Michigan’s long history with forestry and the companies that turn those resources into the materials and products that enrich our ever-day lives, including electricity.

Michigan is a leader in the U.S. in the generation of renewable electricity from wood fiber generated through sustainable forestry and wood product manufacturing that would otherwise enter the waste stream. Instead, biomass power producers divert that material from the waste stream and use it as biofuel to generate around-the-clock renewable power.

Michigan Biomass power generators rely on robust forest products industries

  • Provides technical support to the region’s electrical grid
  • Lends economic support to rural communities that depend on these resources for jobs and quality of life
  • Provides a market for forestry and ag sector residues that turns disposal costs into sales revenues

Domestic biomass power plants are scaled to match the supply of wood residues that can be sustainably sourced from within 50 miles, which keeps the money they spend on fuel in the community.

About Us

About the Staff

Gary Melow is the director of Michigan Biomass. He’s been a part of the biomass power industry since 1999 and has been involved in state and federal energy policy work since 2007. In this capacity he works to promote the benefits of biomass power, engaging in community outreach, stakeholder collaboration and governmental affairs.

Prior to entering the biomass power industry, Mr. Melow worked in human resources development and administration for an automotive supplier and spent more than 10 years in print media and publishing. He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Central Michigan University. He is also the coordinator for the Southeast Biopower Coalition that represents the industry in Georgia and the Carolinas.

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