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Michigan's biomass power plants have over 100 years of combined service, generating more than 24 million megawatt-hours of renewable power for more than 20 years

These plants work similarly to conventional power plants. Wood is used to fire a boiler, which produces steam that turns a turbine generator to make electricity.

Biomass energy projects play a key role in the management of Michigan’s forest resources by utilizing every fiber of this valuable asset. They glean wood from the waste stream in a “cradle-to-grave” manner. Fuel comes from the tops, twigs and other wood residues resulting from timber harvest, sawdust and slabs produced by mills, and wood wastes generated in the manufacture of lumber, plywood and wooden products such as furniture, crates and pallets. We even divert wood destined for landfills, where it would develop into methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Instead, we use it to make electricity.

Reduce, renew, recycle. It's how biomass energy is done.


Cadillac Renewable Energy
1524 Miltner
Cadillac MI 49601

Hillman Power Company
750 Progress Street
Hillman MI 49746

Genesee Power Station
G5310 N. Dort Highway
Flint MI 48505

Lincoln Power Station
509 W. State Street
Lincoln MI 48742

Grayling Generating Station
4400 W. Four Mile Road
Grayling MI 49738
McBain Power Station
6751 Gerwoude Drive
McBain MI 49657