Viking Energy/Lincoln

Viking Energy/Lincoln can produce up to 18 MW of power – enough for 14,000 average homes. It employs 20 people at the power plant and more than 75 other full-time jobs related to handling, processing and transporting the wood the plant uses as fuel.

The Lincoln biomass plant was built in 1988 in the Lincoln Industrial Park. Each year the plant spends about $4.0 million with local vendors for the 180,000 tons of wood it uses annually for fuel.

Viking Energy/Lincoln, and its sister plant, Viking Energy/McBain, are owned by France-based Engie, one of the world's largest independent power producers, through its North American subsidiary.

Jobs at the plant include equipment operators, technicians and control room operators, plus maintenance, management and administration personnel.

Viking Energy/Lincoln sells its electricity to Consumers Energy, which provides power to millions of Michigan customers. The initial term of the power purchase agreement expires at the end of 2018 and the owners are working to ensure that the plants continue to produce electricity beyond this date.

The Lincoln power plant provides a market for low-value wood fiber, such as tops and limbs left over from timber harvest, plus bark, sawdust and similar wood byproducts generated from the area's forest products industry.

Like many of Michigan's biomass plants, Lincoln blends a small amount of tire-derived fuel (TDF) into the wood fuel, which improves plant performance, reduces air emissions and ash, and helps resolve the problem of what to do with scrap tires that are banned from Michigan's landfills. All the TDF used at the Lincoln plant is regulated under the Michigan Scrap Tire Management Program and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Viking Energy/Lincoln is an important part of the Lincoln community, and surrounding areas of Alcona, Iosco, Ogemaw, Alpena and Oscoda counties. It provides jobs and supports the community through property taxes and the purchase of local goods and services. For 25 years it has been a vital part of the local community. It has been involved with building a children's playground, helps maintain ball fields,, assisting in county clean-up programs, supporting local schools and sporting programs with sponsorships and donations.


Lincoln Power Station
509 W. State Street
Lincoln, MI 48742